You Can’t Fake Real Roasting

Real Cooking vs. Industrial Processing


Small Batch

Yes, our ovens are a little bigger than what you’re using at home, but we hand-prepare each batch instead of mass-producing.

Every ingredient is carefully sourced for each recipe, and we don’t use “off-the-shelf” spice blends.

Single Muscle

We never macerate, chop, or make larger “logs” or “loaves.”

Each roast is a single muscle from a single animal, just like you would buy from your butcher and roast at home.


Each roast is individually rubbed with herbs and spices.

We use all natural ingredients, never artificial colors or flavors.

Open Roasted

We don’t cook at low temperatures in bags like the other guys.

One of the reasons our roasts are so tasty is that we’re open-roasting in hotter ovens, just like you would at home or in a restaurant.

Humanely Raised & Vegetarian Fed

We source meat from animals that are humanely raised and never fed animal by-products.

Chef-Inspired Recipes

From the clean and understated flavors of our Simple line, to the bold and globally-influenced recipes of our signature roasts, we work hard to include flavor profiles for everyone.


No Antibiotics

We only cook meat from animals that have never been administered antibiotics – ever.

No Added Growth Hormones

It is illegal to administer added hormones to pork or poultry.

But, it’s still legal to administer added growth hormones in beef cattle. We only source beef that has never, ever been treated with growth hormones.

No Nitrates or Nitrites

We only use natural curing systems on our products.

No added sodium nitrate or nitrite.

No Artificial Ingredients

None. It’s as simple as that.

No Artificial Coloring

Our roasts look beautiful due to our hand-selected herbs and spices and our natural caramelization process during open roasting.

We don’t need fake coloring, because you can’t fake real roasting.

No Bag-Cooking

Most deli products are produced by chopping or macerating meat and then squirting it into a bag and steaming it until it can legally be sold as ready-to-eat.

We cook it for real, the same way we do at home for our families.

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